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=PDL Logo Home Downloads Corpus Stats View On GitHub Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. PersDig logo Welcome to the Persian Digital Library! At the University of Maryland’s Roshan Institute for Persian Studies, our Roshan Initiative in Persian Digital Humanities (PersDig@UMD) team wants to shepherd the cultural production of the Persianate world into the digital age and radically transform the ways Persian language, literature and culture are learned, studied and preserved in the 21st century. Central to this mission is the development of the Persian Digital Library (PDL): the first machine-actionable premodern Persian corpus. The PersDig@UMD project team recently completed the PDL pilot project (details below), and is now preparing to launch a second, much larger implementation stage of corpus building in collaboration with the KITAB Project of Aga Khan University (London) and the OpenArabic Project of Universität Leipzig. More details on this multi-institutional corpus-building initiative can be found at the Islamicate Texts Initiative (ITI) website.


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