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Procurement Card Management System

PCARD (Resources)
GO Procurement Card Management System


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The Purchasing Card (also known as "pcard") is the University's primary tool for purchases up to $5,000. The State of Maryland mandates use of the purchasing card for single transactions up to $2,500 however, the UMCP Policy and Procedures for Delegated Purchasing Authority, Policy VIII-3.10 (B), revised 5/00, allows delegated units to make purchases up to $5,000 per single transaction. Authority to use the purchasing card for purchases up to $5,000 requires a request from your department head. The purchasing card is to be used to purchase goods and services required for daily departmental operation. It is not to be used for restaurants, travel or recreation (refer to https://was.3.umd.edu/tcard for travel related purchase) The use of procurement cards will: Expedite the ordering and delivery of goods and services Eliminate the need for issuing requisitions and processing invoices Provide significant savings in the cost of procurement payment process Allow the department to have direct contact with the suppliers Simplify Purchasing


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