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Early Adopters' Guide for Google Apps for Education

GAFE (Resources)


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Congratulations and Thanks For Becoming an Early Adopter!

We appreciate your cooperation and efforts as Google Apps Early Adopter. For those who have volunteered to be Google Guides, we need your commitment to champion this change and to serve as an on-the-floor ambassador for the transition to Google Apps throughout your organization and within your peer groups. These are the responsibilities of a Google Guide:

Live In Google Before Everyone Else – Use the documentation and training resources to log in and set up your Google Apps account before your department/college. Exclusively use the new services and spend time learning about the various features and options.

Share Your Thoughts – Your time will be requested to contribute and offer feedback on training resources, demos, communications, and the migration process so we can improve them for additional phases.

Guide Others – Assist other UMD community members to become proficient in Google Apps by answering questions, mentoring them on how to use the system, and establishing yourself as a “power user.” This will be especially valuable the Monday and then the week after your department/college migrates to Google Apps and could be a significant time commitment.

Understand the Risks – There may be complications with calendaring and email interoperability between Exchange users and Google users. You must be willing to be a pioneer and be patient until everyone moves to the same environment. Please also remember that calendar migrations are never perfect. You may need to recreate missing events and delete duplicate events. You may also experience some issues with recurring events that have exceptions or non-standard recurrence patterns.

Google Guides will be the trusted advisers in their departments for questions and assistance during the move. This is an important commitment of time and effort, and we ask that you inform us immediately if you cannot perform the duties associated with this role.

Before we migrate your account, you will have access to training that will help you become familiar with the new services. We ask that you attend at least one Google Mail class (approx. 1.5 hours) and one Google Calendar class (approx. 1.5 hours). If you are going to be supporting in a help desk capacity other training courses will be available.

Migration Timeline for Division of IT migrations

While we can’t provide exact times of the migration of your Exchange data, these are the planned phases for particular types of data.

January 8 (5 p.m.) - January 15 (9 a.m.): Migrate email from 2015, followed by older email in five-5 year chunks. January 15 (9 a.m.): Enable Calendar App January 15 (noon): Change routing of inbound email addressed to user@umd.edu to be delivered to Google (user@g.umd.edu) January 15 (5 p.m.): Migrate email from January 1, 2016 to January 15, 2016 Once complete, calendar events will be migrated, followed by contacts. If there is still older email to be migrated, that will be migrated last. Very old email (10+ years old) may not finish migrating until later in the week.

Your full UMD Google Apps account will be available to you on Tuesday, January 19.


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