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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Roaming

DHCP (Resources)


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The new DHCP roaming system allows laptops and other mobile devices to freely move between campus buildings. Any device on the campus network that has been assigned an IP address can be registered for the DHCP roaming service. After a laptop or other device is registered, its network software can be changed to use DHCP, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Campus DHCP servers will then automatically tell the registered device what network configuration should be used (IP address, default gateway, DNS names and servers). When the device is used on its home network, it will be assigned the usual IP address and hostname. When the device is taken to another building it will be given a temporary IP address and hostname for the duration of its use there. Devices are registered for DHCP roaming by departmental LAN Admins. LAN Admin is a new designation. It is someone who is authorized by the department's DDR to make changes to a department's network configuration. Currently only the DHCP roaming service can be configured. Departments can have multiple LAN Admins. There is currently no restriction on how long a device is allowed to roam. If a device spends more time roaming on a particular network than it does its home network, the LAN Admin may be asked to rehome that device. To register laptops LAN Admins should go to Faculty/Staff Network Services. LAN Admins may use this registration system only after their DDRs have submitted the LAN Admin registration form. Please go to www.it.umd.edu/nts/voicesys/faculty/access_form.pdf to get a copy of this form. Once LAN Admins are registered they will be informed via e-mail that they have access to the DHCP roaming management system.


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