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GO Abodo Scholarship


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ABODO is an apartment search service started by a few guys from UW - Madison. ABODO was built by students for students. Why? We loved our school, but hated every time we had to find a new place to live. The listing services didn’t have many listings and the classified ads sucked. We decided to solve the problem by pulling together all the listings around campus, putting them all on a single map with powerful filters and displaying real-time availability. It worked for us, so now we’re on a mission to spread the love and make off-campus apartment search easy across the country! What’s this scholarship all about? We started in a dorm room and now we’re a real company. It’s time for us to pay it forward. We’re offering a $500 tuition scholarship twice a year! No, you cannot win twice… but your roommate could win the next time.


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