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The University of Maryland Council on the Environment



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The University of Maryland Council on the Environment serves as an advisory group to the University of Maryland on research, education, outreach, and economic development as they relate to the environment, both globally and regionally. A major charge to the Council is to coordinate and oversee strategic efforts to place the University of Maryland at the forefront of environmental and earth system science. This includes identifying the unique core competencies and strengths that distinguish the University efforts in the environment from other entities; developing new partnerships with federal and state agencies and laboratories, corporations, and universities; creating new transdisciplinary funding opportunities involving multiple campus units; identifying philanthropic sources of funding for environmental initiatives; and promoting opportunities for economic development. The Council will work closely with internal and external constituencies, including deans, department chairs, and center directors in the natural sciences, engineering, public policy, national security, computational science, social sciences, communications, and health sciences, state and federal agencies, and companies and foundations. The Council reports to the Senior Vice President and Provost and the Vice President and Chief Research Officer.


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