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Blue Light Emergency Phones

PERT (Community)


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"Blue light" or Public Emergency Response Telephones (PERT) provide a toll-free, direct connection to the University of Maryland Police Department. These phones are located throughout the College Park campus either inside or outside of residence halls, administrative and academic buildings. To view pert locations on the campus map click here. They are either yellow or encased within a blue cylindrical column and are marked "Emergency." All exterior phones are illuminated with a blue light, which makes them easier to find. Callers may contact the University Police Department directly by activating these phones. An emergency dispatcher will be notified of the caller's exact location via a computer in the University Police Headquarters. Many of the exterior PERT phones in cylinders have dial pads which provide the additional capability of placing on campus calls. Many of the telephones are also equipped with video cameras which are monitored by the Department of Public Safety. Placement of the "PERT Phones" is usually determined by the Department of Public Safety, in coordination with DIT. If you have a concern about the placement of, or the need for an additional phone, please contact DPS at http://www.umdps.umd.edu and click on the "Security Survey Request" form. To report any problems with the emergency phones, the list, or map of locations, please call 301.405.1500 or send e-mail to itsc@umd.edu.


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